The Windmill in Calabri, counting from the end of 1800.

A homogeneous immigrant who was working on the construction of the Panama Canal (and there has written his name), he decides to return to his birthplace. Buying the windmill in April 1937. Stathis, headlong and full of zest for work, continues to operaereipiate, grinding barley.

In 1953 comes the great earthquake which changed the lives of so many Heptanisian. Among the changes the life of our grandfather Stathis. The mill, collapses and makes restarting impossible. Weary decides to focus on agriculture and livestock.

The ruins of a windmill standing there until 1985, where Mr. Makis – current owner, Stathis son- starts the restoration and full adjustment of the windmill in a rented cottage.

2010, fully renovate to make your stay the ultimate combination of traditional style with the comfort of today …