Ioannis Metaksas – Diktator

αρχείο λήψης (2)Ioannis (Michael) Metaksas was born in Ithaca on 12 April 1871 and died in Athens on 29 January 1941. There was a senior officer in the Greek Army and then prime minister and dictator (1936-1941). Took Part in the Balkan wars and the 1917 banished to Corsica. With the return of the founded the party of FreeMinded, which has managed several times to enter the House together but low rates. In 1936, following various circumstances, he was appointed prime minister of Greece, in place of the deceased Dermetzi and then it pioneered the imposition of dictatorial “scheme of 4 August, ruling until his death in 1941. Stayed in the history for the negative reply to the Italian fascist ultimatum of 28 October 1940, and rapid military preparation of Greece in view of the Hellenik-italian war and the German invasion in Greece. As a military had played an important role in the Balkan wars and in the so-called national division.