Archaeological Museum – Vathi

Museum collections include findings from Geometric to Roman times from excavations in Aetos and other places. The Museum features a deeply geometric collection. In the hall there are tombstones. In the first room are exhibited findings from the Protogeometric and Geometric period (1000-μουσειο αρχ βαθυ700 BC), mainly clay pots, of which a significant group of local workshop vessels, as well as bronze and ivory objects, which are either accessories or tributes Vouchers). The second room hosts findings of the 7th century. B.C. These include clay vessels of local and foreign workshops and several ornate ritual vases, while the horizontal vault houses the fragments of a local oinochoe of the 7th century. BC, in which there is the earliest known inscription, which lists the institutions of Friendship and Xenia. This inscription is diametric on a finger hex, the measure of the Homeric Epoch. In the third room are exhibited findings from different seasons and locations. Few finds come from the northern part of the island found in excavations of the late 19th century and early 20th century. Of these, there is a tiny bronze bust of a bearded man with a conical cap, the figure associated with Odysseus and an inscription of the 6th c. B.C. With a “bourgeois”, in which the names of the goddess Athena and Hera are listed. Interesting is the collection of clay figurines, as well as the votive offerings from the sanctuary of the Nymphs of Marmarospilia and the bronze coins of Ithaca, which distinguish the form of Odysseus and the inscription ITHAKON. Also in the third room is a marble Roman bust of an early period of natural size from Vathi Ithaca. Among the most important exhibits of the Museum are: Ring-shaped vase with angular walls, decorated with thick thin strips on the sides of the ring, hatched triangles on the neck and metopes with a cross on the handle. End of Late Geometric Period. A votive inscription mentioning Athena and Hera from the City Cave. Late archaic period. Login free

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