Homers Bust – Vathi

ομηρος2Crafted by sculptor Stathis Alexopoulos, the bust of Homer, was built thanks to the sponsorship of Gerasimos K. Vallatou. Located in the central square of Ithaca. On it is engraved the oracle of Delphi to the emperor of Rome, Hadrian:ΕΔΟΣ Δ’ ΙΘΑΚΗΣΙΟΣ ΕΣΤΙΝ ΤΗΛΕΜΑΧΟΣ ΔΕ ΠΑΤΗΡ ΚΑΙ ΝΕΣΤΟΡΕΗ. ΕΠΙΚΑΣΤΗ ΜΗΤΗΡ, ΗΜΙΝ ΕΤΙΚΤΕ ΒΡΟΤΩΝ ΠΟΛΥ ΠΑΝΣΟΦΟΝ ΑΝΔΡΑ”. 

The unveiling of the bust made in August 2011.

Source: www.terrabook.gr