Eksogi Village – Rousano – Kalivia – Polis Port Stavros Village

A wooden sight with the letter ‘C’ on the road to the Eksogi is the starting point of the path. Yellow marks will lead us to the Rousano, where the Eksogis people have their properties. The views of the bay of Aphales and almost the entire northern Ithaca is magnificent. The large headland at Rousano, from where you will already see the city from above, there is a crossroads: right where you can admire the Kefalonia and the views of the Ionian Sea – left will continue to go from there it was the castle, spend the huts and to reach the dirt road, using the yellow marks. At this point, you have two options: right go to the beach of the Polis project and left to the village of Northern Ithaca, Stavros.

Source: www.terrabook.gr